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Wow! This images are riveting. I am actually a Mestiza Filipina and I will be going back this May to do social research in Marine Protected Areas in Cebu. Thank you for the pictures.


I was looking for info about Cupang that I stumbled to your site. Cool site.


Interesting information Sidney!


Dave Mac

Nice shot and intresting background info.


when i was in high school, my father has a close friend in Cupang. we always visit during weekend and fish trhe waters for "Ayungin" and "Biya". laguna de bay was clear and beautiful those times, compared now which looks so different. i did not know they still do the fluvial parade there!

Ladybug's Leaf

What cool shots and fascinating story, Sidney!


Hello! again in I am connected, after 2 weeks of rest. Greetings!

Ashwathy Nair

Nice one...


how come i didn't know about this? I practically live in this area my whole life. oh well, says a lot about me being pragmatic and apathetic. anything green is good. the texture is not bad as well.


pagoda parades, we have lots of them especially towns along the body of water... nice series sidney... :)


oh yeah! laguna de bay extends to muntinulupa :)


Ahh this color ... The Irish have a very dominat presence even in Chicago ... even our mayor is of Irish origin.


Tena koe ehoa
Nicholas of Tolentino would be proud I'm sure of the recognition he still recieves as would mum and dad I suppose!
Was this a rise of divinity or a passing on of divinity from generation to generation?


I hope this is some obscure place in the Philippines with its own language because the second group of letters in the hyphenated word is making me laugh so hard!


Is this someones shirt?



Never heard of him, but an interesting read - thanks for sharing. There isn't that many saints in Norway you know.
Have a great week ahead!


I only see one photo.. what is cupang-buli?


what ca n i say! stunning images. you are geat in capturing the drama in sepia tones. you rock!

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